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About the Medicine

The Vardenafil component in the medicine Filitra is specially designed for the relieving Erectile Dysfunction (ED) condition, which is also known as impotency issue. Fortune Healthcare, manufacturer composes this medicine in various strengths with an active ingredient as Vardenafil. The ED treating solution is extremely effective towards impotence or erectile dysfunction issue in men. This section of Filitra Classic Pills contains medicine named:

Filitra 10

Filitra 20

Filitra 40

The medicine is composed of Vardenafil is highly effective when it comes to managing Erectile Dysfunction condition in men. This medicine is known to be a pharmacologically denoted as a selective PDE5-inhibitor. Although the medicine is not clinically proven, various studies have found that medicine might help delay the semen ejaculation, which helps in proving to be completely useful in treating Premature Ejaculation like condition.  

Filitra can help man to relieve impotence or Erectile Dysfunction condition without producing any of the severe side effects. It is considered to be one of the best impotence treatments due to its high efficacy rate for improving erectile function condition. The pill could be the best choice of solution for men that are suffering from any degree of erectile dysfunction condition.

What is Impotence?

Impotence issue in men is a sexual condition that is characterized by the inability for attaining or sustaining a penile erection that is strong enough for an act of sexual lovemaking session. Even if a man might attain an erection, it is too feeble for performing the act of planned lovemaking session. There are some of the certain physical and psychological factors that are highly responsible for leading impotence, like diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, hormonal imbalance, depression, stress, or anxiety.

How The Medicine Filitra Treats The Condition

Filitra composed of Vardenafil works exceptionally well when it comes to relieving erectile dysfunction condition. The active role of this ED medicine is to boost up the flow of blood in the penile region for an erection. Post oral consumption, the solution helps in negating the function of an enzyme known as PDE5 in order to enhance the nitric oxide. The ED medicine will lead to erection only in the presence of complete sexual arousal.

It is important for consuming the ED medicine exactly as advised by the medical professional. The dosage shall depend on the severity of impotence, which might need and response of a man with erectile dysfunction condition. The solution must be consumed approx. 60 minutes before planned lovemaking session and not more than once in a day. Do not self-medicate or consume the medicine in excess of the solution and never consume it for recreational purpose.

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