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Kamagra Effervescent 

The medicine Kamagra Effervescent is an advanced form of medicine is recommended for men that are suffering from sexual impotence, or erectile dysfunction (ED). Medicine is available in an advanced dosage form that is mixed in a glass of water for making a fizzy drink and consumes it directly. Ajanta Pharma is the manufacturer of this innovative and effective solution. The solution rapidly assimilates in the blood, as it might go into your stomach in a liquid form. This section of the medication contains–

  • Kamagra 100 Effervescent

Sildenafil Citrate component in the active drug that is present in the Kamagra Effervescent, which is a therapeutically proven medicine. In fact, it is the first recognized oral consumption impotence treating drug that helps in treating erectile dysfunction condition in men. As per some of the pharmacological denotation, this component in the medicine falls under the group of drugs known as PDE5-inhibitor. The drug was originally invented for treating Pulmonary Hypertension; however, it is now predominantly consumed for erectile dysfunction condition.

What is Impotence?

Sexual impotence called as Erectile Dysfunction is a problem that is categorized by the inability for attaining or sustaining an erection even post proper sexual stimulation. In case, you might experience poor erection on a repeated basis, you might need to visit a doctor, as this might indicate some underlying medical condition. Experts advise men for visiting the doctor if they repeatedly fail to attain or maintain an erection.

Although age is a common factor, there are also some factors that are highly responsible for causing impotence issue in men. Such conditions might include high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, depression, performance anxiety, prolonged stress, hormonal imbalance, smoking and adverse effects of certain medicines.

How The Medicine Kamagra Effervescent Treats The Condition

Kamagra Effervescent medication is one of the most effective solutions for relieving erectile dysfunction condition in men. Sildenafil Citrate component in the medicine aims for inhibiting a specific enzyme called PDE5 (phosphodiesterase type 5). When this particular enzyme is lowered, Sildenafil Citrate component elevates the nitric oxide secretion. This particular enzyme-chemical interaction is responsible for enhancing the blood supply to the penile region. This way adequate amount of blood enters the penile tissues for helping men to experience a stiffer and durable penile erection for a longer time.

It is imperative that man might use Kamagra Effervescent medicine exactly as it is recommended by a healthcare practitioner. The solution is composed of Sildenafil Citrate that is a standard dose for men with sexual impotence condition. Man must consume the dose 30 minutes before planned lovemaking session.

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