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Orlistat Healing Pharma

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The trusted manufacturer Healing Pharma composes high dosage medicine Orlistat that helps in overcoming the condition of obesity. This medicine prevents the body from absorbing fat from the food consumed. By lowering the amount of fat absorbed, the orlistat composed capsule shall help in losing weight easily. Capsules under this section contain:

  • Orlistat 60 mg
  • Orlistat 120 mg

Two placebo-controlled trials have assessed while the effectiveness of weight-loss medicine on several hundred patients. The people that are provided with a diet that contains fewer calories than the daily energy needed. They consume the medication orlistat or placebo for a year than were re-randomized and switched to a diet that was initially designed for maintaining weight.

Patients were followed up for a further year with such practices. While the first year of the trials the patients in one study had lost an average of 10.3 kg with orlistat medicine and 6.1 kg with placebo. In the second study, the mean weight losses were 8.7 kg and 5.8 kg respectively. During the second year of the trials patients who had been re-randomized to placebo put back the weight. Those who had continued on Orlistat regained less weight. Some of the patients switched from placebo to consuming weight-loss capsule lost a small amount of weight (0.9 kg).

How Medicine Orlistat Helps To Reduce Weight

Some of the dietary fats are known to be large molecules that shall need to be broken down before they are absorbed into the body. They are eventually broken down by enzymes known as lipases. Lipases are known for playing an important role in the digestion of some known dietary fat. When taken with a meal, Orlistat interferes with the activity of such enzymes.

The consumption of weight-loss capsule shall allow approx. 30% of the fat eaten in the meal so as to pass through the gut undigested. Therefore, the body cannot store such excess calories as fatty tissue or it can further use them as a source of energy. This shall eventually help in lowering the weight by burning up fat that is already carrying, maintain lower weight and minimize any weight regain.

Losing even small amounts of weight and maintaining it off produces additional health benefits for especially when you are at risk of getting affected by some other conditions like heart disease and diabetes. Orlistat can also help in enchasing risk factors like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and high blood sugar. In case these conditions are not treated well, they could further lead to other diseases including hypertension and diabetes.

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