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Terms of Sale

FortuneHealthcarePharmacy.co is an online drugstore that can be visited by adults and is not restricted from making his or her own medical decisions under the laws of Place of Residence of the Customer.

The medications that are ordered by the customer from the listed solutions here are prescribed medication they opted for using. The medicine must be prescribed by a licensed and duly qualified medical practitioner in Place of Residence of the Customer for respective diagnosed medical condition and is safe for consumption only after some of the personal examination of the doctor of the customer.

Customer must not violate laws in place of residence of the customer while obtaining prescription ordering medicines from this online drugstore.

Also, make sure that no particular person other than the impotent men shall use the ordered product. The customer is recommended that they must not rely on any of the information obtained from this store in making decisions for ordering or consuming the medications. Information provided on this store is just for assistance and customer must follow complete doctor’s prescription for consuming the medication.

Immediately consult the doctor or physician that has provided you with the prescription in case you come across any of the side effects from consumption of any medications that has been bought from FortuneHealthcarePharmacy.co, online pharmaceutical store listing best impotence treating solutions.

Note that customer is responsible for performing certain regular examinations with some of the primary physicians for ensuring that he/she does not have any of medical issue that could constitute a contradiction while consumption of the medication that they have ordered.

Customer agrees and completely acknowledges medications that are shipped from a foreign country and the customer understands the medications that are not been manufactured in the United States.

By continuing to browse this online store, the customer agrees for being provided with the certified prescription of such provision authorizes to the FortuneHealthcarePharmacy.co online drug store that helps in providing one from its doctor.

The customers visiting the online pharmaceutical store tends to agree all the agreements and contracts made between the customer, FortuneHealthcarePharmacy.co and/or its affiliates deemed for having made and accordingly it shall be governed by the laws of some respective country.

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