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Asthalin 4mg

Asthalin 4mg
Brand: Cipla
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Asthalin 4mg is recommended for treating and preventing asthma and other chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases (COPDs) such as chronic bronchitis and emphysema. A well-known drug manufacturers called Cipla produces and develops Asthalin 4mg. It is prescribed to relieve the chief clinical feature of asthma i.e. bronchospasm. It manages the symptoms such as cough, chest tightness or congestion, breathing difficulty and wheezing. In an asthmatic condition, the bronchioles or the small airways of the lungs undergo constriction caused by inflammation. Asthma is a common respiratory condition triggered by allergens such as dust, pollen, environmental pollutants, etc.

The active drug composition of Asthalin 4mg tablet is Salbutamol Sulphate, also called Albuterol Sulfate. This therapeutic agent is a selective beta-4-anatgonist bronchodilator. The drug works by easing the smooth muscles present in the airways in the lungs or bronchioles. The drug dilates the narrowed airways or bronchioles to make breathing easier. It treats and prevents an asthma attack by managing the symptoms of asthma such as cough, shortness of breath, wheezing and chest congestion.

It is imperative to take this prescription asthma medicine exactly as prescribed by your healthcare professional. Your doctor may ask you to take Asthalin 4mg tablet at least three to four times daily. You need to consume whole pill orally with a glass of water for proper drug absorption in the body. Store Asthalin 4mg tablets away from direct sunlight or moisture. Most importantly, store them away from children.

Before using Asthalin 4mg tablets, you should inform your doctor about past or present health issues related to heart, brain, liver or kidney, if any. Additionally, inform your doctor about the therapies you are undergoing with OTC or prescription medications. Ask your physician whether this asthma medicine is safe to use if you duffer from a choric medical issue.

Asthalin 4mg is contraindicated to people who are allergic to Salbutamol. There are no adequate clinical studies about the safety and effectiveness of Salbutamol in pregnant women and breast-feeding mothers. Overdose with this medicine in such cases, as it may prove harmful to fetus or newborn.

The plausible side effects associated with Asthalin 4mg tablets are nervousness, headache, tremor, palpations and increased pulse rate. Common side effects include insomnia, muscle cramps, dizziness, weakness, facial flushing, restlessness and irritability. Immediately seek medical help if you experience chest pain, shortness of breath, skin rashes and swelling of face or lips.

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