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Alkem Laboratories Ltd

Manufacturer Alkem Laboratories Ltd established in early 1973 has its headquartered in Mumbai, India. Company has begun operations as a healthcare marketing company. The manufacturing company is widely grown for being India’s seventh-largest pharmaceutical company with some of the sales revenues that have all eventually exceed for approx. USD 500 million with some sort of CAGR of 16% over the past 5 years. The manufacturer is known for being one of India’s leading generic and specialty pharmaceutical companies.

The manufacturing unit is a significant player in the stream of the branded solution and generic medicine. With some sort of wide-ranging presence across acute and chronic therapeutic segments shall substantial brand the shares that are present in the Central Nervous System, Gastro-intestinal, Anti-diabetic, Anti-osteoporosis, Cardiovascular, Anti-malarial, Immunosuppressant’s, and Nutraceutical segments. The manufacturing unit is known for being a leaded Indian market as an anti-infective and in pain management segment.

Alkem Laboratories Ltd manufacturer’s portfolio of getting approx. 800 brands in India, with approx. 14 of the brands featured among the top 300 brands in India. Brands manufactured by Alkem Laboratories Ltd are all reflective of being strong brand recognition and marketing expertise. Manufacturer belongs to be 7 world-class manufacturing facilities with completing standards of global regulatory authorities like the US FDA, UK MHRA, and MCC.

The manufacturing company is being run by an international operations team, the market is branded and non-branded generic solution in approx. 48 countries globally. Alkem Laboratories Ltd does the job well while being one of the top 5 pharmaceutical companies in India by 2014. The particular manufacturer further wishes to achieve the milestone through some of the organic growth as well as through affiliations of international associations, partnerships, and some other strategic alliances.

The manufacturer is founded on DNA of - Passion, Curiosity, and Accountability like condition. Complete enthusiasm is needed for completing a task that might eventually encourage and it shall also help in enabling the team for contributing significantly.

An inquiring mind is actually vital for surviving in the field of research, distinguishes the team that might further help in growing the healthcare product so as to develop higher levels. While some of the curiosity and other passion that have eventually pushed the team into unexplored healthcare space. 

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