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Tentex Forte

Himalaya Herbal Healthcare
Brand: Himalaya Herbal Healthcare
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About the Medicine

Tentex Forte medicine is an effective herbal supplement that is manufactured by the Himalaya Herbal Healthcare. The medicine has an aphrodisiac property and it helps in enhancing the stamina and performance of impotent men. This herbal supplement consists of some of the natural herbs and minerals that have an aphrodisiac property. It might usually work as a libido (sexual drive) stimulant in impotent men. In short, it shall help an impotent man in improving the overall performance, especially when it comes to the sexual activity in men.

The impotence treating medicine Tentex Forte is found to be helpful in treating sexual conditions like a low libido, erectile dysfunction, and male sexual weakness. The medication is composed of Winter Cherry and Shilajit. These components are highly effective in proving sexual stamina and strength. It also helps in enhancing the confidence and lowering the performance anxiety.

Action Mechanism

The herbal solution Tenetex Forte helps in improving the testosterone levels in impotent men. It helps in working works on the higher centers of the brain like the hypothalamus and limbic systems, improving libido, hence it acts as a libido booster. It all addresses the issue of impotence or erectile dysfunction which occurs by relaxing the penile muscles and arteries, thereby enhancing the blood flow to the penile.

The condition like emotional stress is one of the key reasons for the disruption of the hormones, which shall further lead to performance anxiety. This herbal solution helps in preventing such emotional stress in order to enhance the libido and performance. Moreover, this herbal supplement has a unique property that helps in providing enough strength for performing well while performing sexual activity.

Proper Consumption Pattern

It is always better for consuming Tentex Forte post speaking to a medical professional. The general dosage of this supplement is the consumption of two tablets twice a day. The maximum possible dosage of the medicine is 6 tablets per day which can be divided into doses. You can consume the medicine with water or with milk. The recommended duration of the treatment with the herbal remedy is four to six weeks.

Safety Measures

Typically, the medicine Tentex Forte is well tolerable in most of the people. Although there are no acute side effects that are associated with this herbal supplement, as it contains some metallic formulation of Lead, Tin, and Zinc, that might may have toxicity when used for a longer time.

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