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Reputed Cipla pharmaceutical company has made it much bigger than just its tag of “caring for life”. This worldwide drug manufacturer is based in most of the countries. The company established in 1935, grew with a wide vision of making India a self-reliant and self-sufficient country. By bringing new and various innovative formulas and quality efficient drugs, this company has turned bigger and bigger. Along with expertise in field of biotechnology and medications, the pharmaceutical giant serves best quality medicaments proving best results to deal with several health issues.


Wide spread of over 170 countries, this trusted manufacturer has made an extra-ordinary attempt by bringing on the best medications, which serves the best solutions to deal with numerous health issues. Complete customer satisfaction being the main motto, this pharmaceutical company serves best health care solutions to deal with several health conditions. Considering Cipla to be huge investments in the valuable assets, machineries and advanced technology helps to get positive outcome. Development of new innovative drug solution delivers best outcome and formulations help it reach the level of success in the global markets.

With more than 100 patents including drug substances, products, platform technologies, IP on crystallinity and medical devices, Cipla has been making an extra-ordinary attempt by enhancing scope for invention of new medications and formulas for various treatments and ease of the common man facing routine medical issues.

Cipla is a brand in itself; this pharmaceutical company is known for numerous medications that are popular in Indian markets and also worldwide. This wide company shares its contributions by providing healthcare solutions in various segments including cardiovascular, children’s health, women’s health, Dermatology, Diabetes, HIV/AIDS, Malaria, Neurosciences, respiratory and many more conditions.

Various medications manufactured and supplied by this company are quality tested and approved by global medical and healthcare standards. With over 10,000 product registrations globally, this reputed company is not far from making a history of being the biggest and globally established pharmaceutical brand of its own!

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