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Generic Women's

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Asthalin 2mg
The medicine Asthalin 2mg is an effective solution for patients with the history of asthma and so..
USD $0.12
Asthalin 4mg
The effective Asthalin 4mg medication is composed for patients found with a history of bronchial ..
USD $0.15
Salbetol 2mg
Effective solution Salbetol 2mg helps in treating and preventing chronic obstructive pulmonary di..
USD $0.18
Astharid 2mg
Safe and effective medicine Astharid 2mg is used for treating asthma and other respiratory proble..
USD $0.31
Megasal 2mg
The generic medicine Megasal 2mg composed of Salbutamol is pretty effective against condition lik..
USD $0.31
Kwiknic 2mg
About the Medicine The chewing gum Kwiknic 2mg can be used by both men and women that are wil..
USD $0.32
Salbetol 4mg
The medicine Salbetol 4mg manages and prevents chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases (COPDs). Th..
USD $0.44
Salbutamol 4mg
Albuterol 4mg is the main active component in Salbutamol 4mg that is one of the most popular drug..
USD $0.44
V Wash Plus
About the Medicine The solution V Wash Plus is one of the hygiene wash solutions that are for..
USD $8.27
Asthalin Inhaler 200
Asthma attacks can be easily managed with Asthalin Inhaler. The product is predominantly indicate..
USD $10.00

The medicine under the category Generic Women’s is a version of brand drugs that have the same chemical composition, usage instructions, dosage, risks, safety, and side effects. The only difference between such medications is the cost, where generic medicines are extremely cheap than the brand-name solutions. Many of the people are concerned as the generic meds are much cheaper than the branded versions. However, there is absolutely no worry, as the Food and Drug Administration that might need generic drugs for being as safe and effective as the branded medications.

Generic medicines are known to be cheaper as the manufacturers do not have to spend money on developing and marketing the medicine. When a pharma company gets a new medicine to the market, it has already spent a lot of money on research, advertisement, development, marketing, and promotion. Hence, some of the generic medicines that are listed here are available at a very pocket-friendly price than the brand-name solutions. Women’s Generic section has V Wash Plus solution that is super effective and shall actively do the job.

Generic Women’s category of this online pharmacy contains the two effective generic medications – Kwiknic and V Wash Plus. The chewable Kwiknic medicine is used as a part of nicotine replacement therapy, whereas V Wash Plus is used by women for maintaining their private parts clean and preventing from getting it infected.

Kwiknic is known to be a quit smoking aid that shall help in preventing the urge of smoking. V Wash Plus solution is specifically designed as a hygienic wash solution that meets the women’s intimate need. It is actively composed Lactic Acid that is combined with buckthorn oil and tea tree oil that might help in maintaining the pH balance of the vaginal region, irritation, preventing itching, and dryness. This particular product keeps the private part clean and fresh throughout the day.

Outcomes of the generic solution are extremely satisfying. You can order the V Wash Plus and Kwiknic solution online through the online pharmacy at competitive prices online. Also, make sure that you speak to the doctor before the consumption of any of the generic solution.

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